CuriousU Summer School Festival

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*** Programa cancelado devido a pandemia de COVID-19 ***

CuriousU Summer School Festival

University of Twente, The Netherlands

The University of Twente (UT) is offering 01 (one) free ticket to a FEA student who wants to participate in the CuriousU 2020 program. The Summer School Festival takes place in the period of August 9 – 18, at the University of Twente campus in Enschede, the Netherlands.

The package includes:

. Academic courses. Full list of available courses on
. Accommodation in tents at the UT campus. For those who may not be comfortable about sleeping in a tent for a week, there are different accommodations for additional costs.
. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee & tea
. Social & cultural activities
. Sports
. Inspirational speakers (TEDx format talks) on trending topics

The package does not include flight ticket, and other transportation costs.

FEA Selection Process

Who can apply:

. Minimum 3rd semester Bachelor students, and those who are not enrolled in their last semester. Preference for those who have not participated in the exchange program.

. Any FEA course (Economia, Administração, Contabilidade, Atuária)

. Intermediate English level, minimum (no certificate is required)

Application Dates: March 10 – 20, 2020

Online Application Form:


Video Upload:

. Upload a short vídeo (2 minutes, maximum), in English, presenting yourself (full name, USP number, course, and period) and explaining “How do You Intend to Apply Interdisciplinarity in your Professional Practice, and How CuriousU Can Contribute to It”. Please save the vídeo file with your name.

Selection Criteria:

. Feasibility of students’ proposal (as shown on vídeo)

. Level of the English Language (as shown on vídeo)

. FEA Exchange Program Formula: (attention: no bonus apply in this case!)

Further details: