The PPGCC should produce world-class research, through the work of its professors, students (particularly with their dissertations and theses), alumni, or through the interaction of the groups mentioned with Brazilian or foreign researchers. Like the other Graduate Programs from the FEA-USP, the PPGCC rely on the formal support and infrastructure of the Institutes, Schools, and Units of the USP, including the FEA facilities.

Research laboratories provide structural conditions (physical space, equipment, access to databases, etc.) that make it easier to conduct research, integrating professors, (graduate and undergraduate) students, researchers and technicians. They are the means to execute projects aiming at the university’s threefold vocation: teaching, research, and outreach of services to the community.

The laboratories are tuned with the research lines of the PPGCC of the FEA-USP and they have assisted professors in the preparation of books, journal articles, congress papers, and practical development of their skills and abilities. They are a privileged space so that graduate and undergraduate students can prepare their MA dissertations, Ph.D. theses, and scientific initiation studies.

Aiming at permanently guaranteeing the technological updating of laboratories according to the requirements of each research line, through specific projects, we have sought resources from the Research Deputy Dean’s Office, CNPq, CAPES, FAPESP, among other public agencies supporting research and development, and the FIPECAFI.

The EAC research laboratories are:
- Laboratory to Develop Information Systems for Cost Management Strategy (CMS Lab),  Prof. Welington Rocha / Prof. Márcio Borinelli;
- Research Laboratory on Management Practices (LPPG), Ph.D. Prof. Fábio Frezatti;
- Laboratory of Technology and Information Systems (TECSI), Ph.D. Prof. Edson Luiz Riccio;
- Accounting Metrics  - Ph.D. Prof.ª Tatiana Albanez / Prof. Luiz J. Corrar;
- Laboratory of International Accounting - Ph.D. Prof. Bruno Salotti / Ph.D. Prof. Fernando Murcia;
- Laboratory of Corporate Accounting - Ph. D. Prof. Ariovaldo dos Santos;
- Laboratory of Audit and Forensic Accounting, Ph.D. Prof. Luiz Nelson Carvalho / Ph.D. Prof.  Jerônimo Antunes;
- Laboratory of Controllership and Public Accounting (LCCP)-  Ph. D. Prof. Valmor Slomski;
- Laboratory of Studies in Controllership and Tax Management, Ph.D. Prof. Carlos Alberto Pereira;
- Laboratory of Controllership and Economic Management, Ph.D. Prof. Reinaldo Guerreiro;
- Group of Studies of Education Technology in Accounting (GETEC), Ph.D. Prof. Edgard Cornacchione; 
- USP Observatory of Education and Accounting Research (OBSERVATORY), Ph.D. Prof. Gilberto  Martins / Ph.D. Prof.ª Patrícia Varela;
- Nucleus of Studies in Accounting and  Environment - Ph.D. Prof. José Roberto Kassai;
- FEA Research Group in Gender and Race - Ph.D. Prof.ª Silvia Casa Nova.