Pedro Garcia Duarte


Representative Publications

  • Journal Articles

“A Feasible and Objective Concept of Optimality: the quadratic loss function and U.S. monetary policy in the postwar period”, History of Political Economy (HOPE), 2009, 41(1):1-55.

“Frank P. Ramsey: A Cambridge Economist”, History of Political Economy (HOPE), 2009, 41(3):445-70.

“Frank Ramsey’s Notes on Saving and Taxation”, edited by Pedro Garcia Duarte, History of Political Economy (HOPE), 2009, 41(3):471-89.

“The Growing of Ramsey’s Growth Model”, History of Political Economy (HOPE), 2009, 41(Annual Supplement):161-81.

“Beyond Samuelson‘s Chapter on Ramsey”, History of Economic Ideas, 2010, XVIII(3):121-59.

“Observing Shocks”, with Kevin Hoover, History of Political Economy (HOPE), 2012, 44(Annual Supplement): 226-249.

“In search of lost time: the neoclassical synthesis”, with Michel De Vroey, The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 2013, 13(1): 1-31.

“The Early Years of MIT PhD Program in Industrial Economics”, History of Political Economy (HOPE), 2014, 46(Annual Supplement):81-108.


  • Books and Book Chapters

“Recent Developments in Macroeconomics: The DSGE Approach to Business Cycle in Perspective”. In: D. Wade Hands, and John Davis (eds.) 2011, The Elgar Companion to Recent Economic Methodology. Edward Elgar, pp. 375-403.

Duarte, Pedro G., and Gilberto Tadeu Lima (eds.). Microfoundations Reconsidered: The Relationship of Micro and Macroeconomics in Historical Perspective. Edward Elgar: 2012. (includes Introduction and a chapter I wrote).