Clube internacional

We are a student group from FEA-USP which aims to help exchange students coming to Brazil in any matters, in the best way we can!  It’s normal to find everything difficult at first, so we´ll do many efforts to make it easier. Our beloved São Paulo, the cultural and financial centre of Brazil, is an amazing and charming city with beautiful beaches, friendly buddies, great food and nightlife, but you also need to get used to the public transportation and to the language. Indeed we want your exchange program to be the best experience ever! Then send us emails, call us, and ask about anything, even if you are not sure that we can find a solution, give suggestions or ask about the places you want to visit. One last important thing that would be cool: don’t forget to invite us to your parties!

We´ll show you our culture while organizing city tours, cultural events, parties, trips, nights out, among others... we would love to know more about your culture!

We wish you an amazing stay in our city with lots of fun, caipirinhas, beaches, football, true friendship and much more!