U-Multirank indicator: partnership with USP, Unicamp and Unesp

The three state universities in São Paulo have taken the first step towards incorporating the U-Multirank indicator, one of the most prestigious global academic rankings, that evaluates more than 1,600 institutions of higher education in 95 countries. On November 29, in cerimony at the School of Economics, Business and Accounting of USP, the MoU (memorandum of understanding) was signed by Fapesp Project -- which represents the three universities -- and the consortium representing the ranking, aiming at promoting cooperation for the development of the indicator. The idea is also to extend it to other Brazilian universities recognised for their excellence in teaching and research.

U-Multirank was developed and implemented by an international consortium sponsored by the European Commission and its approach is multidimensional. It makes a comparative analysis of the schools performance based on 35 parameters of five major dimensions (teaching and learning, research, internationalization, regional involvement and knowledge transfer), assigning notes between 1 and 5 (from "weak" to "very good"). The great differential of the ranking is that it does not present a list with the general classification of the analyzed universities. Its methodology enables users collect the information generated to produce their own comparative lists or rankings. It is an alternative indicator to rankings based especially on intellectual produtivity and scientific research.

The objective of the Fapesp Project "Metrics for University Performance", intermediator of the partnership with U-Multirank consortium, is precisely to turn the methodology and the metrics more acessible for academics and general public. By expanding the gamma of available indicators, the Fapesp Project intends to show a broader view of the real impact of the three state universities, not only about scientific science, but also the benefits to society.

Led by the former rector of USP, Professor Jacques Marcovitch (FEAUSP), the Fapesp Project was created by the Rectors Council of the Universities of the State of São Paulo (Cruesp) and it is officially housed in FEAUSP. On August 2018, as part of the initiative to re-evaluate university performance metrics, Marcovitch launched the book "Rethinking the University: International Research and Comparisons", that gathers articles written by experts and provides recommendations about metrics for evaluate universities performance.

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Friday, 7 December, 2018


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