Special Student Candidate

Special students are those with no link to the postgraduate program and enrolled in isolated disciplines,courses with no link to the postgraduate program. Section IX of the USP Postgraduate Regulation specifies that:

Article 54 – Special students are those enrolled only in isolated disciplinescourses, with no link to any USP Postgraduate Program.

§ 1 - Special students will be entitled to a certificate of approval in disciplinescourses, issued by CPG.

§ 2 - CCP must approve the acceptance of the special student after hearing the professor responsible for the disciplinecourse.

Article 55 - At the discretion of CCP, they may be admitted for enrollment in Postgraduate disciplinescourses, as special students, undergraduate students at USP.


* Information on the application period and documents required for the application can be obtained from the FEA-USP Postgraduate Office at spgfea@usp.br




EAE6020 - Research Techniques in Economics

EAE6023 - Macroeconomics III

EAE6024 - Macroeconomics IV

EAE6027 - Microeconomics III

EAE6028 - Microeconomics IV

EAE6031 - Econometrics III

EAE6032 - Econometrics IV

EAE6035 - Theories of Economic Development I

EAE6036 - Theories of Economic Development II

EAE6037 - Brazilian Economy I

EAE6038 - Brazilian Economy II

EAE6039 - History of Economic Ideas I

EAE6040 - History of Economic Ideas II

EAE6046 - Public Policies: Evaluation and Evidence I

EAE6047 - Public Policies: Evaluation and Evidence II

EAE6049 - Health Economics and Economic Development II

EAE6053 - Topics in Labor Economics II

EAE6058 - Financial Economics I

EAE6060 - Public Sector Economics I

EAE6065 - Environmental Economics I

EAE6063 - Political Economy: Theory and Evidence I

EAE6064 - Political Economy: Theory and Evidence II

EAE6061 - Applied General Equilibrium Models I

EAE6062 - Applied General Equilibrium Models II



The interested party can only take up to two courses per semester.

The pre-application of special students will be made by the interested party, from 15 to 20 July 2020, through an online form at:


(available only during the application period)

When accessing the application link, the interested party must attach the following documents in PDF file:

- graduation diploma;

- school records;

- curriculum vitae;

Acceptance Criteria

The acceptance of special students will depend on the existence of vacancies and minimum quorum*, the number of regular students enrolled, and the approval of the professor responsible for the course.

*the course may not be offered if it does not reach the minimum quorum.


Access to Results

2nd SEMESTER/2020

The result will be released on July 23, 2020.


After disclosing the results, accepted candidates must also perform the enrollment electronically, sending on July 24, 2020, presenting the list of documents below in digitalized form (in .pdf format), to the email spgfea@usp.br  

- Personal documents (CPF, RG (*), Title of Voter, and Reservist);

- Graduation diploma (with double-sided copy);

- Graduation school records;

- 1 recent 3x4 photo;

- Enrollment form (access here)

(*) Documents such as CNH, Regional Council, OAB, etc. will not be accepted.

We remind you that due to the maintenance of distance activities at USP, the original documentation may be required in the future for checking and authenticating the digitizations sent.