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The Coordinating Committee of Graduate Studies in Economics at FEA-USP publicly announces the opening of registrations for the selective process of applicants to the Master’s Course in Economics starting in 2019.

1. Registrations

1.1 Registration shall be made exclusively by means of the National Selection Examination of ANPEC – 2018.

1.2 Registration and detailed information on the Examinations may be obtained in the electronic address

1.3 Up to 25 vacancies will be offered. The vacancies offered are not all necessarily filled.

2. The Selective Process

2.1 The selection of applicants to the Master’s Course in Economics at FEA-USP is carried out by the Coordination Committee of the Graduate Studies in Economics based on the results obtained in the National Selection Examination of ANPEC (Brazilian Association of Graduate Programs in Economics).

2.2 ANPEC holds the National Selection Examination every year to applicants to the master's course in Economics offered by the Centers which are members or associates. The Examination aims at assessing the academic qualification of applicants and reporting the results of the evaluation to the Centers. It is worth pointing out that the ANPEC Examination solely classifies the applicants (it is not a vestibular, in the sense of approving or failing.

2.3 The weights attributed by FEA/USP to ANPEC Examination are the following:

Microeconomics Test – 25%

Macroeconomics Test – 25%

Statistics Test – 25%

Mathematics Test – 25%

Brazilian Economy Test (objective) – 0%

Brazilian Economy Test (discursive) – 0%

2.4 The minimum score in order to be approved is 5 (five) in the Partial Result (RP, in Portuguese) of ANPEC Examination for the Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics and Mathematics Tests combined. Each test has a weight of 25% in the computation of the combined score.

2.5 Students who have scored at least 50% of the maximum grade possible in the English Examination of ANPEC are considered approved in the proficiency assessment of the English language. Other examinations are accepted such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, Michigan and Language Center at FFLCH-USP, taken within 4 (four) years before the registration date of the proficiency examination applied by the Program.

3. Enrollment

3.1 Enrollment in the Master's Course in Economics is contingent on the submission of copies of the documents listed below (certified or along with the original document):

a) Birth or Marriage certificate;

b) Electoral Identity Card;

c) Military Discharge Certificate (male applicants);

d) CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registry);

e) Identity Card;

f) Bachelor’s degree (front and backside) or certificate containing the date the degree obtained in officially acknowledged Undergraduate course was granted;

g) Undergraduate academic record;

h) 3x4 photograph taken no longer than 1 year ago.

3.2 Foreign applicants shall present upon enrollment, other than the copy of the degree certificate (front and back) and the undergraduate academic record, a simple copy along with the following original documents:

a) Docket of the National Registration of Foreigners (RNE), to be taken at the Federal Police in time for effecting the first enrollment;

b) Passport including the visa for students;

c) 3x4 photograph taken no longer than 1 year ago;

d) Original Diploma notarized by the consulate.


3.3 Enrollment may be effected by means of a power of attorney, except in the case of foreign applicants.

4. Final Provisions

4.1 Registration of applicant implies the acceptance of the rules and instructions for the selective process contained herein and in the notifications already issued or which might be public announced.

4.2 The Coordinating Committee of Graduate Studies in Economics is entitled not to have all vacancies filled.

4.3 The Master’s Degree in Economics at FEA/USP is a stricto sensu Graduate Study program, requiring full and exclusive dedication.

4.4 The Master’s Degree in Economics at FEA/USP is free of charge and holds classes exclusively in the mornings and afternoons (Monday to Friday).

4.5 The quotas of scholarship of the Program shall be assigned to students accepted strictly according to the classification in the selective process.

Published in the Union Official Journal 30/05/2018