The first enrollment in courses of the Master’s and Doctorate programs is carried out in person when the documentation is delivered after approval in the Selection Process. Through the Enrollment Form.

The following enrollments are made through the Janus system and depend on the consent of the supervisor and the professors of the courses. This enrollment must be carried out regularly, throughout the school term, within the deadlines set by the FEA Postgraduate Commission, until obtaining the title of Master or Doctor. Even the students who have already completed their credits must complete the “monitoring enrollment (“matricula de acompanhamento”)”.

Enrollment cancellation

After the beginning of the semester, the student can cancel the enrollment in courses through the Janus system. Provided that within the deadline indicated by the FEA Postgraduate Commission and with the consent of your supervisor, you will receive a reminder email for approval. If the supervisor does not respond, the cancellation will be automatically approved.

Enrollment Rectification

In the first week of classes, the “enrollment rectification” takes place, during which the students can include courses from their schedule program. This request is made through a specific form and must have the signatures of the supervisor and the professor of the course. The application is delivered to the FEA Postgraduate Office.