Research groups


EconomistAs [Brazilian Women in Economics]

EconomistAs is a research group that aims to study the various dimensions of gender difference in Brazil. We are specifically interested in the relative lack of women in Economics, in the various stages of the academic career, and the job market. We also intend to encourage more women to study Economics, as well as to promote the inclusion of women economists in the labor market, increasing connections between those working in the private and public sectors, as well as in the Academia.

Hermes & Clio - Economic History Study and Research Group

Hermes & Clio is a study group with a focus on economic history.

NEFIN - Research Group in Financial Economics

NEFIN is dedicated to research in financial economics, including topics such as asset pricing, derivative pricing, corporate finance, risk management, and portfolio allocation.

NEREUS - Center for Regional and Urban Economics at USP

The Center for Regional and Urban Economics at USP - NEREUS - was created on December 2, 2002. It is linked to the Department of Economics (EAE/FEA) of the University of São Paulo, bringing together professors, postgraduate students, and undergraduate students with interest in several areas of applied economics in which the spatial dimension becomes a fundamental element of analysis.

Center for Studies in Health Economics (NEEDS)

The Center for Studies in Health Economics (NEEDS) seeks to update knowledge in Health Economics, especially in terms of application to the Brazilian case. The main areas of study of the research group include macro and microeconomic aspects of project evaluation and health system management, implementation, and analysis of food and nutrition programs, and the influence of health-related factors on economic growth and development. Such topics of study generate results of a significant impact on the evolutionary process of the multiple facets of health in the country.