Concentration areas and lines of research

The Postgraduate Program of the Department of Economics has two areas of concentration in its doctorate, Development Economics and Economic Theory. The master’s program has a single area: Economic Theory. The terms “Economic Theory” and “Economic Development” are used more widely than might appear at first. For example, professors and students in the Program conduct theoretical and applied research in both areas of concentration. In this sense, the term “Economic Theory” refers to a solid theoretical and methodological basis that is built in the student training, so that he/she can conduct his/her research with good reasoning. The term “Economic Development” refers to a theoretical background and methods frequently used in the frontier of the study of topics related to economic development. In this section, you will find more detailed information on both areas of concentration. You will also find a brief description of the several lines of research conducted by professors and students in the program. For more detailed information, we invite the user of this portal to explore other links on the Program page and contact the program’s professors.