Lines of Research of the Program

The Postgraduate Program in Economics at FEA/USP stands out for its scale and diversity. This allows research on multiple lines by its professors and students. Among these, the following stand out:


  • Applied Microeconomics. It includes topics such as political economy, educational economics, health economics, environmental economics, public policy evaluation, industrial organization, labor economics, and sports economics.
  • Applied Macroeconomics. It includes different approaches to different macroeconomic problems in national economies and open economies.
  • Economic Theory. It includes topics like contracts, games, and dynamic economy.
  • Economic Development.
  • Regional and Urban Economics.
  • Finances. It includes macro and microeconomic aspects of financial economics.
  • Public finances.
  • Economic History.
  • History of Economic Thought.

Often specific research topics permeate more than one line of research and rely on the cooperation of specialists from more than one line of research.