Department history

The Department of Economics at FEA-USP had its origin in the creation of the Department of Economic and Administrative Sciences (FCEA). So far, the teaching of Economics took place within other field backgrounds such as Law, Engineering and Commerce, and assumed a more supplementary character, oriented to the cultural development of students. The FCEA began bolstering a more specific teaching with its course of Economic Sciences, implemented with the name of Economic and Administrative Sciences in 1946.

In the beginning of the 50´s there was demand for a large number of professionals who should be able to study the economic perspectives and projections for a Brazil which was engaging in a national-developmentalist tenet. There was an increasing need toward more qualified economists and the FCEA was not fully equipped to fulfill this demand.

Between 1958 and 1964, a committee was constituted to study and propose changes in the course, such as the creation of new disciplines of applied nature and the enlargement of the scope of subjects already existent, by offering disciplines related to problems of Brazilian and international economic actuality. This phase led FEA-USP, which became the School of Economics and Business Administration (FEA) in 1969, to a new teaching standard.

Also after 1969, with the University reform, the three departments of FEA-USP started to become more independent, while still maintaining cooperation relations.  

The scientific production which has since its origin been a strong differential feature of the units at USP, has always followed the same trend in the Department of Economics, which earned an ever increasing prominence as from the 70´s. With the creation of the Institute of Economic Research Foundation (FIPE), in 1973, Foundation of Support to the Department of Economics, research was furthered even more so as to stand in leading position in relation to the other institutions in the area.

The Department has launched in 1971 the review of Economic Studies. The publication divulgates, since its creation, articles and scientific research carried out at FEA, which accounts for its being one of the main publications in the country in the area of Economics.

The Department of Economics increasingly encourages partnerships and interchanges, upgrading its excellence level in teaching, research and university extension, thus continuing to maintain at the cutting edge of economic studies and research.