Produção Técnica

CAPES defines the technical production of graduate studies in four aspects, which incorporate several activities through which the program’s impact can be measured.

These aspects are:

  • Products and processes: technical or technological product subject or not to protection, which can generate industrial property/intellectual property assets;
  • Educational activities for the public inside or outside the higher education institution;
  • Divulgence: activities related to the divulgence of production;
  • Technical services: services performed in society/institutions, government agencies, and funding agencies, linked to assistance, extension, and knowledge production.

The technical production includes: the evaluation of articles for publication in national and international journals, the evaluation of articles for presentation at conferences, interviews with media outlets, participation in the editorial boards of magazines, participation in class associations, the organization of events, etc.

The technical production of the PPGCC of FEA/USP can be accessed via the links below:

Technical Production of the Program’s Supervisors

Technical Production of the Program’s Professors

Technical Production of the Program’s Students and Alumni

*those graduating in the last five (5) years are considered as alumni in this list.