PH.D. Program

The Ph.D. selection process is carried out in three stages. The first stage consists in a general knowledge exam (it may be ANPAD + essay writing or GMAT or GRE), the second is research project assessment, and the third includes oral argument and curricular assessment.

The applicant should, preferably, hold a MA degree recognized by the MEC/CAPES.

Entry takes place by research line, having the applicant choice as a basis, when applying. The PPGCC research lines are:

Line 1 - Controllership and Management Accounting;
Line 2 - Accounting for External Users;
Line 3 - Financial, Credit, and Capital Markets;
Line 4 - Accounting Education and Research.

Regardless of the chosen line, the prospective graduates will be awarded the title of Ph.D. in Science, without any mention of the line.