MA Program

The selection process of the MA program is carried out in two stages. The first stage consists in a general knowledge exam (it may be ANPAD + essay writing or GMAT or GRE) and the second stage includes oral argument and curricular evaluation.

The applicant should, compulsorily, hold an undergraduate degree recognized by the MEC.

Entry takes place by research line, having the applicant choice as a basis, when applying. The PPGCC research lines are:

Line 1 - Controllership and Management Accounting
Line 2 - Accounting for External Users
Line 3 - Financial, Credit, and Capital Markets
Line 4 - Accounting Education and Research

Regardless of the chosen line, the prospective graduates will be awarded the title of MA in Science, without any mention of the line.It is recommended to carefully read the Selection Process Notice.


Applicants who do not comply with the rules set forth in the Notice will be disqualified.