Exame de Qualificação

Requirements for the Master’s and Doctor’s Degree Courses

  • The period for enrollment in the qualification exam is up to 11 months after the beginning of the term for the master’s degree course, and up to 24 months for the doctor’s degree course (this date appears in the record the student has access to in Janus);
  • The (oral) exam must be performed no later than 60 days after enrollment;
  • To take the exam you must have completed 24 credits in mandatory courses for the master’s degree and 31 credits in mandatory courses for the doctor’s degree;
  • Based on the examining committee’s indication, the CCP will ratify the final result of the qualification exam;
  • Students who do not take the exam within the period foreseen for their course will be removed from the program.

Students’ responsibility

  • To complete the exam enrollment form, which encompasses the oral exam;
  • To complete the Committee composition form;
  • To hand in the registration and Committee composition forms, completed and signed, to the Coordination Office within the regulatory deadline.

About the oral exam

  • To take the oral exam, it is necessary to have the Committee proposal approved by the CCP;
  • The composition of the Committee will be approved by the CCP based on the supervisor’s indication and should consist of 3 professors, the majority of which are examiners from outside the PPGCC, with at least one from outside USP.
  • The supervisor and/or co-supervisor will form part of the examining committee exclusively as the coordinators of the works, without the right to vote. If it is not possible for either of them to be present, the CCP will appoint a chairman for the examining committee, obeying, whenever possible, the hierarchy among the members;
  • Through mutual agreement with his/her supervisor, the student is responsible for checking the agenda of the members of the Committee to set a date and time for the oral exam;
  • The student is responsible for informing the Coordination Office of the date set for the oral exam, for reserving a room and equipment, and taking any administrative measures required;
  • The project must be prepared according to the instructions on this page;
  • The student is responsible for distributing the project to the Committee members and must respect the reading period of each of the participants. This must be done after the Committee’s approval by the CCP;
  • The research project does not need to be submitted to the PPGCC Coordination Office.

Notes for master’s degree students

  • The examining committee can indicate the following: failed, approved to continue the master’s degree course, or approved with an indication for the direct doctor’s degree.
  • Based on the Committee’s indication, the CCP will ratify the observed final result of the qualification exam. In the event of an indication to the direct doctor’s degree, the provisions of items 9.1 and 9.2 of the Regulations will take come into effect.

Notes for doctor’s degree students

  • The examining committee can indicate the following: failed or approved to continue the doctor’s degree.

Failing the Qualification Exam

  • Students who fail the qualification exam can enroll to repeat it only once, and must enroll again within seven (7) days after their result is published;
  • The second attempt must be made within sixty (60) days after enrollment;
  • Failing again will result in the student being removed from the program and they will receive a certificate for the courses taken.


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