Impacto na sociedade

As the pioneering graduate program in accounting in the country, the PPGCC/FEA has already qualified more than 580 masters and 340 doctors, who hold and/or have held outstanding positions in several areas, in the public and private, academic, and business spheres, including ministries, presidencies of regulatory bodies, and presidencies and administrative boards of large multinational and national companies. Of the approximately 30 graduate programs in the area in Brazil, the PPGCC has graduates in 90% of them as professors and researchers and in half of these programs as graduate studies coordinators as well.

PPGCC professors participate in the CPC (Accounting Pronouncements Committee), an important body for studying, preparing, and issuing Technical Pronouncements on accounting procedures and disclosing information of this nature, which allows for the issuance of standards by the Brazilian regulatory authority, aimed at centralizing and standardizing the production process of these standards, always taking into account the convergence of Brazilian accounting with international standards. The PPGCC has also stood out for its academic production, whether new or didactic material.