Estrutura curricular do programa

Master’s Degree

The master’s degree course lasts 26 months. In the first year, the student is expected to obtain the 48 credits required in courses, and the second year will be dedicated to preparing the research paper.

Mandatory courses of the master’s degree:

EAC5879- Research Methods in Accounting I
EAC5725- Financial Accounting
EAC5883- Quantitative Methods in Accounting I
EAC5720- Accounting Theory
ECA5926 - Controllership and Managerial Accounting


Doctor’s Degree

The doctor’s degree course lasts 48 months. In the first two years, the student is expected to obtain the 98 credits required in courses, and the last two years will be dedicated to preparing the research paper. There is also the possibility of a sandwich scholarship abroad.

Mandatory courses of the doctor’s degree:

EAC5725- Financial Accounting
EAC5720- Accounting Theory
EAC5887- Research Forum I
EAC5902- Research Forum II
EAC5854- Teaching Assistance Activities 
EAC5856- Thesis Seminar I
EAC5927- Thesis Seminar II
EAC5925- Research Methods in Accounting II
EAC5926- Controllership and Managerial Accounting


In addition to the mandatory courses, the Master's and Doctoral programs offer a series of elective courses that aim to complement the scientific and professional knowledge of the participants. The offer of such courses is announced semi-annually on the program's website and may include international visiting professors and be offered in English.

Among the elective courses, the participation in the “Research-line Seminars" is recommended. These courses seek to transversally consolidate the concepts of each research line of research and often have the participation of several professors from the specific research line:

LINE 1 - Controllership and Management Accounting

 Management Accounting Research Seminars

LINE 2 - Accounting for External Users

Financial Accounting Research Seminar

LINE 3 - Financial, Credit and Capital Markets

Finance Research Seminars

LINE 4 - Accounting Education and Research

Education and Accounting Research Seminars