Apoio ao Docente

Relevant information on the interaction of professors with the PPGCC can be found below:

Regulations for Graduate Studies of the University of São Paulo
Regulations for the Graduate Program in Controllership and Accounting - FEA/USP
Calendar of Meetings of the Program Coordinating Commission (CCP)
Calendar of Meetings of the Graduate Commission (CPG)
Contacts of the PPGCC Coordinator’s Office

Accreditation as Supervisor in the Program

For further information, please click on "Rules for Professor Accreditation" in the side menu.

Accreditation of the Courses

Accreditations of new courses, reaccreditations, or any changes to the content of the list, name of the course, or even cancelation of the course must be formally proposed, analyzed, and approved by the CCP and CPG. This formalization is carried out through the form attached below, which can be provided in Portuguese or English.

It is recommended that the application is made in advance of the offer, as the requests must be analyzed by a reviewer appointed by the CCP.

This report aims to analyze the merit and importance of the course within the program, as well as the competence of the professors in charge.

The weekly course load is limited to a maximum of two credits per week (thirty hours).

Each course may have up to six professors in charge who hold the title of doctor.

Collaborators from outside the program may be proposed to teach specific parts of the course.

The accreditation of professors from outside USP as being responsible for courses must be assessed by the CaC of CoPGr, through a proposal justified by the CCP, with a statement from the CPG.

Attention: every three years, the responsible professors must present the updated content of their courses to the CCP and CPG for re-accreditation purposes.

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