Duplo Diploma

Duplo diploma - PRPG_USP

Below we list some points that need to be checked before formalizing proposals of interest:

- Talk to your supervisor about the possibility of international cooperation in your work and your interest in obtaining a dual diploma. The agreement may include more students in the same agreement.

- The agreement must be accepted by the foreign university and before proceeding the HEI must issue an official agreement document with the proposed terms.

- The Prorectorate will analyze the documents and issue the agreement signed by the Rector and forward it to the program to obtain the signature of the rector of the foreign university.

Please check FAQs on the USP Prorectorate for Graduate Studies website and contact the International Cooperation Commission of FEA/USP for further information.


Partnerships Concluded

Universiteit Antwerpen

In 2016 a dual-title agreement was executed for the thesis research of the doctor’s degree student Daniel Magalhães Mucci, called "Management control mechanisms and stewardship in family firms: an analysis of antecedents and consequences." Under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Frezatti from FEA and Prof. Anna Joanna Antonia Jorissen from Universiteit Antwerpen, Daniel completed his doctor’s degree course in 2018 and in 2019 he received the Tese Destaque USP award in the area of Applied Social Sciences.


Universidade do Minho

In 2013 a dual-title agreement was executed for the thesis research of the doctor’s degree student Angélica Vasconcelos da Silva, called "Closing doors (1780-1813): the liquidation process at General Company of Pernambuco and Paraíba". Under the supervision of Prof. Edgard Bruno Cornacchione Junior from FEA and Prof. Lúcia Maria Portela de Lima Rodrigues from Universidade do Minho, in addition to the co-supervision of Prof. Alan John Anthony Sangster from the University of Aberdeen (UK), Angélica completed her doctor’s degree course in 2016.