The scholarships granted for graduate students in Administration (Master and Doctorate) are subsidized either by CAPES or CNPq. Once the candidate is accepted for the Master or Doctorate Program, the Scholarship Committee selects a few students based on the criteria demanded by funding agencies and the Coordinating Committee of PPGA (CCP).

                When analyzing requests, we will take into account (i) if the candidate meets the requirements demanded by the program, (ii) the number of candidates applying for a scholarship, (iii) the number of available scholarships, (iv) the information given by each candidate, and (v) academic information available at the registers of USP’s Graduation System.

                The analysis will be accomplished by the Scholarship Committee, which consists of two faculty members of PPGA and one representative chosen by graduation students. The committee can ask the candidate for further explanations if necessary. Applying for a scholarship does not implicate that the candidate will be awarded.


Requirements for applying for a scholarship:

                In order to obtain a scholarship, the candidate has to be enrolled and registered at the graduation course, meeting the following requirements:      

                (a) To meet the requirements proposed by the funding agencies according to their demands expressed by their manuals and regulations (CAPES or CNPq).

                (b) To attach documents that prove the need for the student to obtain financial support. These documents can be a photocopy of the latest tax returns.

                (c) To attach the LATTES Resume.

                (d) To attach the monitoring sheet (sheet available from the website: click here)

                (e) Willing to dedicate exclusively to the program, keeping in mind it will be mandatory to attend three disciplines per semester and being approved in all of them.

                (f) To fill the form related to the request of scholarship available for download (click here) and to deliver the document at the Graduation Office.


Criteria for granting scholarships:


1 – Students are not allowed to have any sort of employment relationship (work permit) or scholarship from other funding agency.

2 – Socioeconomic condition of the candidate.

3 – Good academic performance:

3.1 – For master students, we will consider the final score obtained at Anpad’s test and academic publications.

3.2 – For doctorate students we will consider only academic publications.

3.3 – For senior students we will consider, besides criteria 3.1 and 3.2, the academic performance (Grade A and B).


Requirements to renew the scholarship:


1 – Meeting the required grades (A or B) in every discipline;

2 – To take part in activities related to the organization of SEMEAD and/or other events organized by the Department of Administration;

3 – To submit the project to FAPESP (;

4 – To submit at least one article for publication at a journal and another article for scientific congress every year (the supervisor has to be the co-author);

5 – For doctorate students, one extra mentoring has to be accomplished per year (it is not allowed to be a tutor in disciplines which the candidate attends to or PAE);

6 – For doctorate students, at least one article has to be approved in a journal with the supervisor as co-author during the renewal of the scholarship from the second to the third year of grant; the same way, another article has to be approved in a journal from the third to the fourth year of grant;

7 – The student has to be approved in the qualifying examination in the first try; if the student fails this examination, the scholarship will be automatically cancelled.


Scholarship holders have to present annual reports of all activities developed in the program. The Scholarship Committee is allowed to cancel the scholarship if the holder does not meet the demands presented above. Such cancellation can also occur if the requirements of the funding agencies are not being met.


The criteria established herein are revised annually by the Scholarship Committee.