Information for Special Students



FROM   JULY 9 TO  JULY 12, 2018.


Target group

“Special students” are the ones that already hold a university degree and want to register in isolated courses offered by the Graduate Program in Administration, without enrolling in master or doctoral programs. We provide these students with a participation certificate as well as the academic transcript.

Number of courses

Special students, including the ones already enrolled at stricto sensu graduate programs in other institutions, can register to no more than two courses of the program – one per semester. Special students are not allowed to register in mandatory graduate courses neither in programmed activities. Once accepted as special students, they shall have the same obligations of regular students, i.e. frequency, tasks, tests, etc.

Criteria for acceptance

The acceptance of special students depends on the number of existing spots, the number of regular students already registered in the course, and the approval of the faculty responsible for the chosen graduate course.

Procedures for online registration:

The pre-registration of special students (i.e. the ones already enrolled at other programs at USP or other partner institutions) will be accomplished by candidate online through the website, from July 9 to July 12.

This application is already considered the pre-registration. It is important to emphasize that the candidate may choose only one graduate from the schedule program per semester.

The candidate must access the website  in order to fulfil the registration, getting access to the system with a login and password. After registering, the following documents have to be attached in PDF format:

- University degree diploma
- Transcripts/records
- Resume

Students enrolled at partner institutions (FGV, UNINOVE, USCS, Mackenzie, and ESPM) or other partner programs (Casadinho, CCINT, Interuniversity exchange doctorate): these students must login in the system with their password (for conjoint registration) and mention the sort of partnership existing between USP and other institutions/partner programs.

Access to results:

In order to access the results, the candidate has to check for updates on the website Candidates have to login with their password. The results will be available online after July 18.


Procedures to complete the registration at PPGA Office:

Accepted candidates have to complete their registration by July 23 to July 25 at the Graduation Office (Building FEA-1, Room C-1), bringing the following documents: (It is important to mention we will not accept any mailed documents, only documents handed personally).


It is mandatory to bring original documents alongside for double check:

- Registration sheet (Available on the website by accessing results with login and password)
- Copy of personal documents (CPF, RG(*), Electoral card and Military certificate)
- Double-sided copy of the University degree
- Copy of transcripts
- Resume
- 1 recent photograph (Size: 3x4)

 (*) We will not accept documents such as CHN, Conselho Regional, OAB, among others.

Beginning of the semester:

The graduate course of the first semester starts on August 6. The schedule of classes and the program of each course are available at:

 Important notice:

 If the candidate is not accepted as a special student in a determined graduate course, it will not be possible for this candidate to apply for another one.