Open Innovation in the Digital Economy

Discipline: EAD5979-1

Concentration area: 12139

Number of Credits: 4

Course load:

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Session overview

1) What is open innovation (today)?
2) Open innovation for emerging markets: What is (not) different?
3) Connecting open innovation to theories of the firm
4) Open innovation in the digital economy
5) Implementation of open innovation within MNEs?
6) Innovation strategy for open innovation and open strategy
7) Open innovation and knowledge search
8) Open innovation and public policy
9) Industry examples and industry guest speakers
10) Research paper discussion and feedback

Avaliation methods:


Selected readings (preliminary):
i. Lopez-Vega, H., Tell, F., Vanhaverbeke, W., 2016. Where and how to search? Search paths in open innovation. Research Policy 45, 125-136.

ii. Lopez-Vega, H., Dabrowska, J. and Ritala, P. 2017. Waking up the sleeping beauty - Swarovski’s open innovation journey, working paper

iii. Lopez-Vega, H., Lakemond, J. Garnica, L. 2017. Integrating emerging market opportunities with open innovation strategy to achieve technology development, working paper.

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