Values: concepts, methods and applications on Careers and OB

Discipline: EAD5975-1

Concentration area: 12139

Number of Credits: 4

Course load:

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1. To discuss the importance of the studies on Values for Organizational Behavior, emphasizing the Careers theme, through contemporary articles and results of recent researches.
2. Present the main currents of Values studies and offer methods for the identification of Values in individual and collective instances.

1. The Values theme has attracted the attention of Management's academics and practitioners as concerns about understanding human behavior in organizations increase. The existence of different theories on the subject makes a clear understanding of frontiers and specificities between them necessary.
2. The discussion of studies on the subject by international consecrated groups can contribute to teach new research methods and stimulate production on the implications of Values in organizations in the country.

- Values: Concepts, Methods and Research.
- Measures of Values - Individual and Societal Levels.
- Personal Values and Attitudes towards Careers.
- Cross-cultural Values – Research and Applications.
- The UFIRC Group: Research Results and Implications for Careers and OB in general.

Avaliation methods:
Article (in doubles) in minimum standard for publication.

The course will be offered in English.

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