Created in 1975, the PPGA is one of the biggest and oldest graduate programs in Management in Brazil, as well as receiving the maximum score of 7 (seven) in the CAPES evaluation on three consecutive occasions, in 2007-2009, 2010-2012, and in 2013-2016. As a result of this performance, the PPGA currently forms part of PROEX (CAPES Programs of Excellence).

The PPGA is the academic modality of the graduate program of the Management Department of FEA. FEA, in turn, is one of the 42 teaching and research units of USP, a university made up of 183 undergraduate programs and 239 graduate programs. USP is also often cited as the best university in Latin America, according to the Ranking Web of Universities (https://www.webometrics.info/en) and US News (https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges).

As a result of its long trajectory, the PPGA is an important participant in the history of graduate studies in the area. Since its creation up to 2020, the PPGA has trained 2,086 students (1,189 masters and 839 doctors), the highest number of masters and doctors in Management produced by any program in Brazil.

An important milestone for the PPGA was being one of the eight graduate programs in Management to found ANPAD (the National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in Management) in 1976, one year after the creation of the program. Besides being one of the founders, the PPGA has been represented in key positions in this association, such as the presidency, management, division coordination, and topic leadership, among others.

However, many years before that, in 1947, one of the icons of the Management Department and the PPGA was created, the RAUSP Revista de Administração (known today as the RAUSP Management Journal), just a year after FEA itself was created in 1946. RAUSP is the oldest scientific journal in Brazil in the area of Management. Later, PPGA professors went on to edit the review, which is currently one of the most important in Brazil. In 1996, the PPGA created another journal for divulging the increasing academic production in the area of Management: the former Caderno de Pesquisas em Administração (Journal of Research in Management), which would later become the REGE Revista de Gestão (Management Review). Subsequently, in 2013, the former RAI Revista de Administração e Inovação (Administration and Innovation Review), known today as the INRM Innovation and Technology Review, was transferred into the hands of the Management Department. Some years ago, the three reviews began to be published by an international publisher, Emerald, which has increased their international visibility.

Also of part of its policy for supporting scientific dissemination, in 1995 the PPGA created the SemeAd Seminars in Administration, which has become one of the biggest conferences in the area of Management in Brazil, attracting students and researchers from all regions of the country. One of the great attractions of SemeAd is its recommendation of the best articles for analysis processes and fast-track publication, as well as offering various workshops with international keynotes speakers and business speakers from the non-academic market. Discussion panels are also organized on contemporary and relevant topics for the area, as well as a doctoral consortium for discussing doctoral thesis projects, the so-called Sapiens sessions (Sessions for the Improvement of Scientific Studies), and, of course, the sessions in which the conference members present their papers.

In 2018, the teachers of the PPGA created the SciBiz Conference, an event that brings together participants of different origins, such as researchers, students, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and government, to create solutions and business opportunities. This event is made up of different activity types, such as panels with dozens of experts in their fields of work, international keynote speakers, startup presentations, etc. The ultimate mission of SciBiz is “to bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors; accelerating and escalating the transformation process from invention into innovation.”

In a way, all of these scientific dissemination actions linked to journals and conferences supported by the PPGA are related to the program’s vocation for developing solidarity actions for the scientific community it is part of. This is because the journals and conferences aim to serve not only students and teachers of the PPGA, but primarily the public outside of USP, which is ultimately the main beneficiary of its publications in RAUSP, REGE, INMR, and papers presented at SemeAd and SciBiz.

This solidarity-related vocation is also manifested in the nucleation actions of the PPGA. Standing out in this aspect is the DINTER project (Interinstitutional Doctorate) developed in partnership with the Federal University of Santa Maria and UNIPAMPA, which was closed in 2014 with 14 Doctor titles being awarded, as well as the Casadinha project with the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Pro-Management in Sustainable Strategies, among other activities. More recently, between 2017 and 2020, the PPGA engaged in a DINTER with Amazonas State University (UEA).

It is also important to highlight the student exchange partnerships signed between the PPGA and other programs such as those of FGV/ESP, UNINOVE, USCS, Mackenzie, ESPM, and FEI. In addition, students from other non-affiliated programs in Brazil and abroad can take part in PPGA courses as special students and receive the corresponding credits.