Scientific Events

One important action of the PPGA concerns the conferences held or supported by the program in partnership with the Management Department, as well as other conferences that its students organize. The highlights are presented below.


SemeAd is currently one of the biggest scientific events in the area of Management. With modest enrolment costs and the seminars being held on USP’s own premises, SemeAd has come to be characterized as an inclusive and democratic event, with massive participation of students and researchers from the whole of Brazil. Another characteristic of SemeAd is the great diversity of activities offered to its conference members. SemeAd enjoys the participation of international panelists and keynote speakers, as well as featuring the Doctoral Consortium, which precedes the event, and article development sessions (entitled the “Sapiens” session), which enables authors to obtain suggestions for improving their articles directly from senior researchers in their topics.


Created and launched in 2018, SciBiz (Science Meets Business) is a new event jointly organized by the Management Department of FEA-USP, by the PPGA, and by the Professional Master’s in Entrepreneurship of FEA with the aim of bringing together the university, companies, and the government to discuss topics that are relevant both to academia and to practice and, thus, create an impact on and benefit for society. SciBiz aims to establish a continuous research agenda in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship, by holding annual conferences to present the results of new research developed. These conferences enjoy the presence of Brazilian and foreign researchers and centers of excellence in research in this area, considering all of the aspects that govern the interactions between academia, industry, and government.