Master's - Methodology of social media segmentation

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06/10/2017 - 09:00 to 12:00

Luiz Wanderley Tavares
Master's - Methodology of social media segmentation
Class 215, FEA-5
Adviser: Profª. Drª. Maria Aparecida Gouvêa
Comission: Profs. Drs. Ivan Roberto Ferraz, Leandro Campi Prearo e José Afonso Mazzon

Methodology of social media segmentation


The first Internet social media emerged just over two decades ago, at the second half of 90’s. Compared to human evolution, this would be something like a millisecond of its existence. In this period, several studies try to understand the behavior and grouping of human beings in this new form of communication. Theories about ways of analyzing people in this environment and how they group themselves and create new ways of communication and propagation their ideas flourish and illuminate this unknown pathway to be created and traveled. Methods of identifying human behavior created before social media receive a new way of being used. Studies on the "self" (Belk, 1988), tribalism (Cova, B., 1997), ethnography (Danzig, 1985), netnography (Kozinets, 1998) and collaborative filtering (Golberg, Nichols, Oki and Terry, 1992) come on the scene to shed light on the study of human relations in the digital world. The Internet has revolutionized people's way of interacting and the constant evolution of technology generates profound implications for the marketing. The worldwide network has become a global channel through which companies can disclose and sell their products. However, while offering tremendous potential to businesses, the Internet has increased the complexity of identifying customers. Users present in social media are less interested in products and value more the identities and social ties generated around their subjects of interest. These electronic tribes transcend the geographical borders and are independent of race, sex and cultural aspects of its members. This paper presents a method to identify tribes in social media. The method was applied in the identification of the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) tribe on Twitter. The validation was done using the Twitter ads platform, sending 72 hours of advertisement for more than 600 thousand users, divided in control group and segmentations of Twitter and the proposed method. The study compared the results obtained by the proposed method with that of the control group and the segmentation created by Twitter. The obtained results pointed out the increase of interactions of the users identified as belonging to the MMA tribe validating the method.


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