Master Degree Entrepreneurship – Solid waste management in Diagnostic Medicine companies: multi case study

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30/01/2019 - 14:00 to 17:00


Laura Prado Franceschi

Master Degree Entrepreneurship – Solid waste management in Diagnostic Medicine companies: multi case study

Adviser:  Prof. Dr. Marcelo Caldeira Pedroso

Comission: Profas. Dras. Simone Aquino, Graziella Maria Comini and Wanda Maria Risso Günther

 Class: 217, FEA-5


Each and every change in a specific sector begins or is necessarily accompanied by changes in the thinking and behavior of the individual or the environment in which he or she is inserted. In modern society, the greater the technological and industrial development, the greater the relationship between consumption of natural resources and disposal, which leads to a growing demand for waste generated in any production process. This study was based on the reality of common solid waste generated in companies in the diagnostic medicine segment and how the minimization of the generation of this waste, or its better use, has direct effects on the generation of value for the various stakeholders. Through the multi case study methodology, this research project was attended by two companies that stand out in the Brazilian market for diagnostic medicine, and that recognize the principles of corporate sustainability as a growth factor and competitive differential. The study sought to identify and classify the types of common solid waste that are generated in the chain of diagnostic medicine operations, which are possible reverse logistics and recycling practices, and what are the operational difficulties encountered in waste management in the companies participating in this study. It was possible to identify which practices allow the reduction and minimization of waste generation, how these companies interact under the sustainability tripod, and how waste management promotes positive results, be they financial, respecting the environment, the society in which they are incorporated and the risks of brand exposure. The research concludes that it is possible to generate value through actions in the management of solid waste common in companies in the diagnostic medicine segment, that practice management based on the principles of corporate sustainability.

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