Master Degree Entrepreneurship – Proposal of business model with gain in scale: Reserach-action of na architecture office

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14/06/2019 - 09:00 to 12:00


Felipe De Almeida Winandy

Master Degree Entrepreneurship – Proposal of business model with gain in scale: Reserach-action of na architecture office

Adviser: Profa. Dra. Liliam Sanchez Carrete

Comission: Profs. Drs. Marcelo Caldeira Pedroso, Marcelo Hiroshi Nakagawa and Andres Rodriguez Veloso

 Class: 217, FEA-5


Architecture offices, in general, present an outdated business model, a reason why a great amount of the clients question the high prices charged by the architecture professionals. Meanwhile, the architects themselves complain about the poor remuneration for the provided services. In order to break with this reality, this study has as main objective to find an alternative to the gain in scale, using as a laboratory, the company of the author, a small architecture office, located in the city of São Paulo. Using the theoretical framework of business model, value proposition, mass customization and innovation in the civil construction sector, the work, a practical research, with the participation of the two partners of the company and an external member, followed the journey of creating a new business model composed of three cycles: (1) problem (identification and validation of the problem faced by the target public in question); (2) solution (definition and validation of the proposed solution to the problem); (3) business model (conformation and economic feasibility of the proposed model). In the initial part of the research, it was possible to identify the potential of the newly delivered houses market segment, by the construction companies (units in the sub-floor), composed of an average of 23.6 thousand units sold per year in the city of São Paulo, allowing the standardization of processes and production with gain in scale, through mass customization. The solution proposed in the present dissertation, based on the main need of the client to make the apartment habitable, was to produce the services of the reform through packages, commercialized at a fixed price, composed by pre-idealized architectural projects. At the end of the cycles and to establish the eleven components of the business model, the dissertation proposal presented a great potential of application and gain in scale, resulting in positive cash flow from the first year of operation, where the volume of determined customers was only 18 units.

*Abstract provided by the author



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