Master Degree Entrepreneurship – Brazilian Higher Education Institutions and their Journey for Digital Transformation

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14/08/2020 - 15:00 to 18:00



Francisco Djalma Silva Luna

Master Degree Entrepreneurship – Brazilian Higher Education Institutions and their Journey for Digital Transformation

Adviser: Prof. Dr. Vivaldo José Breternitz

Comission: Profs. Drs. Arnaldo Rabello de Aguiar Vallim Filho, Jane Aparecida Marques and Adriana Backx Noronha Viana        

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Digital Transformation is the term currently used to designate the process that companies of all industries are going through, motivated by changes in society's behavior and in consumption patterns, in addition to the growing competition through traditional ways or by technological advances. The private Higher Education industry, specifically, needs to face this and other challenges. With important changes in laws regarding Distance Learning (DL), there was an increase in competition, emerging several HEIs, specifically for the offer of DL. 
This scenario, in addition of the abrupt reduction of student loan concessions since 2015, the constant political and social crisis and, more recently, the General Data Protection Law in Brazil (LGPD), Digital Transformation has become urgent and mandatory, both to compete in new segments and offers, and to maintain the status of the HEIs, reducing costs and improving the customer experience. The general objective of this research was to identify the planning of the HEIs on the journey to digital transformation and to evaluate their maturity degree. Additionally, we aimed to map and to discuss the main challenges of the Brazilian HEIs with regard to management processes supported by Information Technology (IT); and to evaluate how, in fact, a wider scope in the use of IT helps HEIs to improve the quality of management and also to structure a architecture of cloud database, composed by public and private data shared between them. We started from the hypothesis that the Brazilian HEIs are lagging behind in their digital transformation process and, as a consequence, the lack of instrumentalization and IT processes harms the results and inhibits their growth. It is an exploratory, qualitative research, with field study, in which the primary data were obtained by means of semi-structured interviews, and research on secondary sources (bibliographic and documentary). For this, representatives of ten private HEIs were interviewed using a semi-structured script. The result obtained shows that most of the HEIs evaluated has a good level of digitalization, which can be classified as digital masters. They have deficiencies in their management processes of alumni and they are not, mostly, interested in sharing information with potential competitors, even though this benchmarking can bring benefits to them. Therefore, austerity with internal data prevailed.

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