Doctorate – Socio-environmental enterprises in tourism: an analysis of the creation of social and environmental values

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07/07/2020 - 13:00 to 16:00


Cristina De Moura João

Doctorate – Socio-environmental enterprises in tourism: an analysis of the creation of social and environmental values

Advisor: Profª. Drª. Rosa Maria Fischer

Comission: Profs. Drs. Patrícia Maria Emerenciano de Mendonça, Rafael Alcadipani da Silveira and Graziella Maria Comini

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Socio-environmental enterprises are characterized by their purposes in creating social and / or environmental value in order to influence social and economic changes. Most studies on this topic highlight the results of creating social and economic value, but the same emphasis on environmental value is not observed. This finding stimulated interest in verifying whether social ventures dedicated to tourism, due to the sector's own characteristics, added to the creation of these types of values. Tourism was the focus of this research because the number of socio-environmental enterprises operating in this sector is growing due to the recognition of the potential for economic, environmental and social development of tourism. The objective of the proposed study was to investigate the creation of socio-environmental value of socio-environmental tourism enterprises, understanding which of its characteristics and practices can influence this creation of value. To answer this objective, the research strategy used was the study of multiple cases, with the socio-environmental enterprise in tourism being the empirical unit of analysis. Secondary documents and data were gathered both on the developments and on the field in question, which, in turn, led to the need for field trips. In this way, four trips were made participating in one of the itineraries of each selected socioenvironmental enterprise in order to collect primary data through participant observation, which generated field notes and image records. In addition, a total of 22 interviews were conducted with the founders of the cases, with the community that received the tourist groups and with partners considered relevant. The data collected offered a general perspective on the field of socioenvironmental tourism enterprises in Brazil, allowing us to say that these types of socioenvironmental enterprises are emerging recently and are beginning to structure their activities. The analysis of the influence of the characteristics and their practices in the creation of social and environmental value allowed to identify that the enterprises, as they are constituted, can potentiate the creation of social and environmental values, either by direct or indirect action. In some communities of the visited communities it was possible to perceive a lesser intensity in the creation of value, in another that there is a certain distrust and resistance in relation to tourism that comes from “outside”, that is, when the groups of visitors are not brought by themselves community. In addition, the description of the ventures studied allowed to identify the challenges they faced, highlighting the difficulty of enterprises in creating and maintaining financial sustainability. Thus, it is expected that this study will contribute to the maturing of socio-environmental entrepreneurship, especially about the creation of social and environmental value, both for theoretical reflections and for the improvement of its management policies and practices.

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