Doctorate – People performance management process: influence on the results achieved by the organization

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01/06/2020 - 09:00 to 12:00


Ilson Luiz Pereira

Doctorate – People performance management process: influence on the results achieved by the organization

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Joel Souza Dutra

Comission: Profs. Drs. Graziella Maria Comini, Dr. José Antônio Monteiro Hipolito and Bruno Henrique Rocha Fernandes

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Both in academia and in the business world, the assertion that people are the main asset of organizations gains strength, while there are still many questions regarding the necessary conduct to obtain the maximum potential of this asset. One of the processes in the people management area that has stood out with the potential to induce results is the management of the organizational climate. Within a scenario formed by a set of companies predisposed to work on managing the quality of the work environment, the objective of this research is to analyze the factors related to the performance management process of people that differently influence the achievement of organizational results. The results of the first stage show direct relations between the organizational climate and ROE, with the variation in revenue, with market share and with current liquidity. In the second stage, the analysis of the data obtained indicated many similarities between the policies and practices of people management in both companies; the main differences found refer to the exercise of people management tasks by line managers and the necessary structure in the HR area. As investigações da etapa final revelam a importância da participação estratégia das pessoas, do papel do líder e dos processos de avaliação de desempenho individual. The conclusion is that an individual performance management process, assisted by a support system that can also manage and promote the quality of feedbacks, followed by the adequacy and preparation of leaders for the role of people managers, with wide openness for participation. of people in search of continuous improvement, are fundamental factors that lead to the good quality of the work environment and the achievement of organizational results and can generate a virtuous cycle of leveraging the happiness of workers and shareholders.

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