Doctorate – Mobile shopping: what moves the consumer purchase intention to the m-commerce

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19/06/2020 - 10:00 to 13:00


Mario Duarte dos Santos Machado

Doctorate – Mobile shopping: what moves the consumer purchase intention to the m-commerce 

Advisor:  Prof. Dr. Claudio Felisoni de Angelo

Comission: Profs. Drs. Marlene Paula Castro Amorim, Nuno Manoel Martins Dias Fouto and Diogenes de Souza Bido 

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The thesis focused on the intention to purchase online using mobile devices and aimed at exploring and confirming, based on a model, the constructs that could explain the dependent variable online purchase intention on the mobile channel. The technique of structural equations modeling in partial least squares (PLS-SEM) was used in the development. A sample with 625 valid responses, coming from different regions of the country, was obtained from a questionnaire made available by e-mail and social media. As a result, from an academic perspective, the thesis brings, among other contributions: (a) confirmation to the mobile commerce environment of the validity of the proposed model that was based on a model previously applied to the e-commerce environment; (b) confirmation that the constructs: positive attitude (total effect β = 0.431); perceived relative advantage (total effect β = 0.384) and; compatibility with the values (total effect β = 0.279) contributed significantly to explain the dependent variable purchase intention on the m-commerce (R² = 62.4%); (c) the finding that, for the mobile environment, the perceived relative advantage construct is a strong predictor of the constructs, positive attitude (total effect β = 0.536) and confidence (direct effect β = 0.630). From a managerial perspective, the finding that the perceived relative advantage construct is the most important predictor, considering the mobile environment, can contribute to the adoption of marketing strategies that allow increasing the acceptance rates to adopt the m-commerce. From the point of view of consumers who have had their digital literacy developed over the years in the online environment, which has allowed them to quickly take advantage of the mobile technology benefits, the results confirmed that what matters to increase the online purchase intention via mobile devices is to have a favorable attitude towards shopping on the m-commerce, to consider them compatible with their lifestyle, to perceive advantages throughout the purchase journey and, not least, to have confidence in the processes and in the company, with which the consumer intend to carry out mobile transactions through your smartphone or tablet in search of the best shopping experiences.

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