Doctorate – Marketing Activities by Retail Shops on the Pharmaceutical Sector: A Stydy of Drugstores

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24/01/2019 - 14:00 to 17:00


Tatiana Ferrara Barros  

Doctorate  – Marketing Activities by Retail Shops on the Pharmaceutical Sector: A Stydy of Drugstores 

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Marcos Cortez Campomar  

Comission: Profs. Drs. Guilherme de Farias Shiraishi, Natani Carolina Silveira and Maria do Carmo Romeiro 

Class: 217, FEA-5 


In Brazil, the only government-authorized distribution channel of medicines are drugstores. These branches are regularized by thorough legislation, discussing prices, advertising, e-commerce rules and other functions shops can take upon themselves, such as providing pharmaceutical services and selling cosmetics, hygiene products and dietary supplements. There are a handful of different types of pharmaceutical retail, ranging from independent drugstores to a wide range of networks, which vary in size and in business model. Given the this type of retail´s complexity and the reduced number of scientific articles on this theme, it is relevant to develop a study discussing exactly these points. With this in mind, this research intends to verify which marketing activities are developed by retail shops on the pharmaceutical sector, especially by drugstores.In order to accomplish that, field research was conducted, using the method of in-depth interview, with a total of eight participants, all of which were people who work at drugstores and who are involved in marketing decisions. Results show a high-degree of specialization among these employees, even in drugstores considered small.

 *Abstract provided by the author



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