Doctorate – Identification of Critical Success Factors for Passanger Car Dealerships: a Delphi Study

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23/06/2020 - 14:00 to 17:00


Maximiliano Gonetecki De Oliveira

Doctorate – Identification of Critical Success Factors for Passanger Car Dealerships: a Delphi Study 

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Hamilton Luiz Correa

Comission: Profs. Drs. Luciana Oranges Cezarino, Lorimar Francisco Munaretto and Leonardo Fabris Lugoboni 

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The process of identifying the Critical Success Factors of an organization is a paramount exercise of reflection, about the industry in with it operates as for the organization in itself. This job requires an abysmal understanding of the company’s business model and the adjacent   subtleness, which are mainly very hard to be seen by inexperienced eyes. Therefore is known very little about the Brazilian car dealership reality and the factor that are critical for its success. Also, there is no record of studies that explore this companies perspectives about the future alongside the car makers. Hence there is the motivation to answer the following problem question that drove this project: What are the critical success factors (CSF) of the car industry at the passenger’s car dealership perspective? To answer this question it was formulated the following study objective: To list the critical success factors of the car makers industry to the passenger’s car dealership operating in the Brazil’s South. To accomplish this target it was needed to answer three research questions: 1) What are the generic critical success factors for a automotive dealership operating in the Brazil’s south? 2) What are the organizational perspectives related to the critical success factors of a dealership? 3) To identify the expectations of the car dealerships about their role in the automotive industry marketing channel for the next five years. In the mater of these objectives it was developed a research project with a qualitative approach, using the Delphi investigation method, supported by field interviews and documental analysis. By the end of the Delphi rounds, 26 propositions emerged as potential CSF, with eleven of then reaching consensus. The interview process and document analysis allowed the refinement of the propositions. It has been identified a cluster of CSF that were considered structural for this type of organization. From these findings it was possible to conclude that the other author’s ideas about a generic CSF of an industry are coherent for the car dealerships sector.  

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