Doctorate – Delineation in consumer behavior: individual's cognitive strategy in his purchase decision process

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27/03/2020 - 14:00 to 17:00


Orlando Isidoro Loureiro

Doctorate – Delineation in consumer behavior: individual's cognitive strategy in his purchase decision process

Advisor: Profª Drª Ana Cristina Limongi-França

Comission: Comissão:  Profs. Drs. Patrícia Morilha Muritiba, Francisco Antônio Serralvo and Guilherme de Farias Shiraishi

Class: 217, FEA-5


 In order to understand how people buy, consume and dispose their products, models that aim to represent the steps taken by them in the purchase process are used. Consumer behavior surveys considers three moments: before, current state of the individual; during, the moment when the individual feels discomfort between his current state and his desired state; and after, how the individual feels after product purchase. These three moments are permeated by the cognitive and behavioral actions of the individual whose purpose is successful buying. This work was developed based on this context, proposing that the individual will obtain greater assertiveness in his purchase if he makes the delineation, which is defined as the cognitive action of concisely and directly describing the characteristics of the intended object. The research problem proposes that the delineation acts as a moderator between the consumption recognition construct and the purchase action construct. A model called Consumption Delineation Model (MDC) was elaborated and composed by these three constructs and each one of them was object of studies in distinct chapters of this work. It was developed scales for each construct using samples with 50 and 160 respondents. The scales were tested and cleaned. The resulting items were used as input datas for the MDC model validation. For the scales construction was used exploratory factor analysis technique - EFA, with SPSS software, version 23 and the model was validated using the structural equation modeling technique (SEM) using SmartPLS software, version 3.0. The results showed that the moderator path coefficient was 0.109, a measure classified as significant. This condition was confirmed by the hypothesis test results in which a value of t = 2.42 was obtained, therefore, higher than 1.96 and p-value = 0.016, less than the 0,05, the significance level established for this research. The time and costs for obtaining a larger sample were pointed as research limitations. It is expected that the findings of this research contribute to understanding the individual as a consumer, and the delineation can be understood as an innovative addendum to the purchase decision model. For the market, specifically for marketers, knowing how the consumer makes the delineation can increase the development of strategies and advertising campaigns.

 *Abstract provided by the author



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