Doctorate – Contributing factors for marketing teaching performance: a Lato Sensu posgraduation study

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07/06/2019 - 14:00 to 17:00


Alexandre Borba Salvador      

Doctorate – Contributing factors for marketing teaching performance: a Lato Sensu posgraduation study   

Advisor: Profª Drª Ana Akemi Ikeda  

Comission: Profs. Drs. Edson Crescitelli, Francisco Antônio Serralvo and Priscila De Nadai Sastre  

Class: 217, FEA-5


 Since the early 1980s, researchers have argued that business schools would need to fill the gaps with the needs of executive students, professionals seeking continuing education. With the changes of the business environment, ease of access to information and evolution of teaching techniques, the role of the teacher has undergone important changes, from being the supplier of content to becoming a content curator and facilitator of the process of learning. With the changes in the marketing environment, the growing concern about practical applicability, the appreciation of the discourse about the adoption of new teaching-learning methodologies, the emergence of new alternatives for continuing education and the questioning about the adequacy of course teachers of lato sensu graduate, it becomes fundamental to learn from the teachers who stand out for their performance in a challenging teaching and learning scenario. This research defends the thesis that important factors, in addition to the technical and didactic factors, influence the professional performance of the teacher and its main objective is to propose a conceptual model of knowledge organization, identifying, understanding and mapping the contributions of different factors in the performance of faculty in lato sensu postgraduate courses in Marketing. This study is justified by the increased interest in recent changes in teaching and learning for adults, the growing demand for lato sensu graduate courses in Marketing, the changes in the marketing environment and the relevance of the role of teachers in the transformation of education. This work can be classified as an exploratory, qualitative study using multiple case studies. The case study will be composed of documentary analysis of secondary data and in-depth interviews. The proposed model suggests that the teaching performance is due to the teaching practice, which is influenced by the technical knowledge, didactic training and personal factors and made possible by the performance and support of the school. The teaching practice is influenced by the technical knowledge that the teacher has learned in the classroom as a student, in the marketing practice and with the research activity, and by the capacity for criticism, generalization and exemplification developed in stricto sensu graduate studies. She is also influenced by her didactic training, acquired in formal training, with the inspiration of reference teachers during her experience as a student and with learning in practice. Still, it receives influence from its life history, its values, attitudes and motivations.

 *Abstract provided by the author



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